Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association
Who are we?

The Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association (TBBA) exists to promote beekeeping.

The Tampa Bay Beekeeper's Association includes hobbyists, commercial and migratory beekeepers, and enthusiasts who share a common interest in bees and beekeeping


Welcome to the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association

Monthly meeting: Second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m.  NEW BEE group meets at 7 p.m. for Q&A time.



Are you interested in keeping bees?

Our meetings are always held on the second Thursday of every month. For location and directions, click the “Directions” link on the left.

The Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association (TBBA) exists to promote beekeeping. One of our aims is to encourage new people into this fascinating craft and to assist you by:

  • Providing contact with experienced beekeepers who can help you start
  • Running introductory courses
  • Supporting and mentoring to help you through your first year
  • Advising on the purchase of equipment
  • Providing a local association as a focal point for members

Are you new to beekeeping? Do you have a lot of questions? No Problem, join us one half hour before the TBBA members arrive to have your questions answered. On occasion we will teach a mini-lesson like “how to keep your smoker going”. New-Bee Group meets at 7 pm. New beekeepers can also apprentice with our experienced members by working in the club’s apiary on the Saturday morning following each monthly meeting. Details are provided at each meeting.


The new annual membership period begins in October for the 2012-2013 year. Join or renew your membership today to receive all the advantages of being a TBBA member. New beekeepers are especially encouraged to join and benefit from the combined experience of our members.

Also, we are looking to update the club library. Please bring suggestions of books, DVD, etc….

TBBA Beekeeping Bee Yard Work Days

Saturday following the monthly meeting Time: 9:00 a.m. to noon.  Please join us for lunch.

Locations vary from month to month and are announced at the monthly meeting.  If you miss this information or are unable to attend, please call/text/email an officer for more information. We cover different subjects.  Everything a beginning beekeeper needs to know including: Hive Construction, How to find the Queen, Honey extraction, Bee transport, Pulling Honey, Nectar Sources, and Re-Queening. Come and look inside the Hive.  Veils are provided.

YOU MUST wear long pants, long sleeves and closed toe shoes.

YOU MUST sign a waiver.

This is a family friendly event and kids (6 and older) are welcome.  If you bring a child with whom you are not the guardian, please have the waiver signed by the child’s legal guardian and have this in hand.

TBBA Liability Waiver (Unaccompanied minors must bring this form to the seminar signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions.)


In the news:

New Florida Law Allowing Packaging and Sale of “Cottage Food Products.”

See pages 15 – 17. You can now package and sell up to $15,000 per year of “cottage food products” at retail, including honey, subject to the restrictions and definitions set forth in this revised Florida law.


TBBA Honey Cookbook:

If you are interested in a cookbook, Please see Jan Allen, Secretary. Quantities are limited.


Welcome to the amazing world of bees and honey.