Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association
Who are we?

The Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association (TBBA) exists to promote beekeeping.

The Tampa Bay Beekeeper's Association includes hobbyists, commercial and migratory beekeepers, and enthusiasts who share a common interest in bees and beekeeping


This is where various documents will be posted.  If you have an interesting site, photos or document, please forward it to PRNL2000@aol.com  to be considered for posting on the TBBA site.


  • New Beekeepers-Info    Information pamphlet for people new to beekeeping (aka NewBees)

  • TBBA-Forms-2018-Membership       TBBA Annual Membership form

  • TBBA Liability Waiver       Waiver for working in the bee-Yard or work/field days. Unaccompanied minors must bring this form to the seminar signed by a parent or guardian. No exceptions!!

External Documents And Links



  • D and J Apiary – They are normally at the monthly meetings with their supply trailer, call them in advance to make sure they bring what you need to the meeting.

  • MannLake
  • Dadant







TBBA-CHRISTMAS-2017  Christmas 2017 Information Flyer

TBBA HoneyBee-Seminar-2017 Intro to Beekeeping Seminar for 2017 Information Flyer